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LPG for Automation

Sterling Multi-Technologies Ltd has been one working as a LPG equipment supplier. Sterling Multi-Technologies Ltd is the distributor for many gas related devices and products. Sterling Multi-Technologies Ltd is one of the few companies in the market that has the capacity, technology and knowledge to provide technical support in the LPG sector.


LPG has been used internationally in the automotive sector for over 50 years. Over 14 million vehicles run world-wide on LPG. Its driving range is equivalent to that of gasoline, the engine lasts longer, refueling infrastructure is affordable, and it is cheaper than other liquid fuels in most countries. Beyond its technical and economical advantages, LPG is clean and helps combat urban air pollution.

LPG as auto gas has been allowed by the Government of Pakistan which is expected to increase the demand of LPG exponentially. The LPG auto gas rules have been published which will lead to the opening of LPG gas stations throughout the country.


AFIS, IABIS, Forensic Project

We have successfully completed Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS), Integrated Automated Ballistic Identification System (AIBIS), Nine Forensic Lab., Cyber Crime Lab. GSM tracking system etc. in Bangladesh Police.


We have completed numbers of Project in Ministry of Health including BSL-3 Laboratory, Neurological equipment, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, OT and Hospital Equipment, Cardio Vascular equipment, CSSD, Blood Bank Equipment, Analyzer and Diagnostic equipment, Vector Control equipment, Division wise and reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis Institute etc.

EDCL Condom Manufacturing Plant

We have completed full turnkey project including technology transfer and running very successfully. Also we have completed a Field Latex Plant at Modhupur.