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AFIS - Automated fingerprint identification System

The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS, is a national fingerprint and criminal history system that responds to requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help our local, state, and federal partners—and our own investigators—solve and prevent crime and catch criminals and terrorists. IAFIS provides automated fingerprint search capabilities, latent search capability, electronic image storage, and electronic exchange of fingerprints and responses.

What is included in IAFIS: Not only fingerprints, but corresponding criminal histories; mug shots; scars and tattoo photos; physical characteristics like height, weight, and hair and eye color; and aliases.

The international slandered AFIS that we provide to our client enables creating, storing and functioning of electronic databases of tenprint and latent records, and automates the process of fingerprint and palmprint identification helping to solve a wide range of vital tasks:
    • Personal identification by fingerprints and palmprints, including real-time identification by a single print when performing in-the-field identity checks
    • Identification of the unknown dead
    • Ascertainment of implication in past crimes
    • Consolidation of crimes committed by one and the same person
Fundamentally, our system is based on the client-server architecture model enabling the AFIS workstations independently make service requests to the server that accepts and replies to these requests.

    Server Equipment

The server functions (database insertion, storing, searches and communication) in large-scale distributed AFIS systems are performed by several subsystems listed below:
• Database Server
• Matching Subsystem
• Data Storage Subsystem
• Communications Subsystem

    Client Equipment

• Administrator Workstation (AWS) - The AWS is used to execute on-line control of the AFIS/APIS status. It is intended also for database backup, for archiving the system status data, for recording complete database segments on CD-R.
• Operator Workstation (OWS) - The OWS is used to perform tenprint and latent entry, examination and analysis of search results and other fingerprint related functions. It runs under the Linux operating system. In parallel with interactive processes, the OWS processes all incoming information in a background mode. In smaller AFISs, computational resources of the OWS can be deployed for carrying out searches and matches.
• Remote Workstation (RWS) - Configured for operation at a remote site, the RWS uses modem communication through dial-up lines, or wireless channel, or other IP-connection media, including cellular ones, to interact with a central AFIS/APIS site
• Mobile workstation (MWS)- PAPILLON FILTER offers remote express identity checks by comparing touch fingerprints against the PAPILLON AFIS database in a real-time mode.
- Personal computer or notebook (laptop)
- PAPILLON fingerprint scanner
- Communications enabling connectivity to the AFIS
- Linux OS or Windows OS


AFIS, IABIS, Forensic Project

We have successfully completed Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS), Integrated Automated Ballistic Identification System (AIBIS), Nine Forensic Lab., Cyber Crime Lab. GSM tracking system etc. in Bangladesh Police.


We have completed numbers of Project in Ministry of Health including BSL-3 Laboratory, Neurological equipment, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, OT and Hospital Equipment, Cardio Vascular equipment, CSSD, Blood Bank Equipment, Analyzer and Diagnostic equipment, Vector Control equipment, Division wise and reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis Institute etc.

EDCL Condom Manufacturing Plant

We have completed full turnkey project including technology transfer and running very successfully. Also we have completed a Field Latex Plant at Modhupur.