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Tank Gauging System

Tank Gauging System is a diversified global instrumentation engineering technology company that provides high quality liquid level monitoring system & burner management system worldwide. We offer a complete instrumentation field oil and gas production, chemical processing, pulp and paper processing, mining, construction, food and bevarage manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and power generation.

Scaleable PC-based tank gauging system for oil terminals refineries and other bulk liquid storage facilities. Systems we offer a one stop solution to your tank gauging requirements.

Are products include.

    Radar Gauge

    Servo Gauge

    Float-operated Level Gauge
    Temperature Measurement
    Water Interface
    Density Measurement
    Tank Gauging System

SIL-certified Tank Overfill Prevention Systems

    Overfill Alarm Switches
    Alarm Systems
    Automated Tank Overfill Prevention Response


AFIS, IABIS, Forensic Project

We have successfully completed Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS), Integrated Automated Ballistic Identification System (AIBIS), Nine Forensic Lab., Cyber Crime Lab. GSM tracking system etc. in Bangladesh Police.


We have completed numbers of Project in Ministry of Health including BSL-3 Laboratory, Neurological equipment, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, OT and Hospital Equipment, Cardio Vascular equipment, CSSD, Blood Bank Equipment, Analyzer and Diagnostic equipment, Vector Control equipment, Division wise and reference Laboratory for Tuberculosis Institute etc.

EDCL Condom Manufacturing Plant

We have completed full turnkey project including technology transfer and running very successfully. Also we have completed a Field Latex Plant at Modhupur.